Natural Stone Finishes

Natural stone can be finished as either honed or polished, this means:

Polished stone is created by using diamond abrasives up-to 3,500 grit followed by polishing powders. This finish is given to natural stone where a polish is required and is used for internal flooring. Polishing gives natural stone brightness and a mirror-like effect that intensifies stone colors and enhances the pattern. Polishing also reduces the porosity of the stone which increases the stones resistance to humidity and chemical substances.

Honed surface is achieved by the use of diamond abrasives as well, but unlike polished stone, honed stone has a smooth, non-reflective surface. Honed stone is more porous than polished stone and therefore it is not recommended for use on kitchen countertops in heavily used kitchens. Honed stone may be used in areas with less exposure to chemicals and for both internal and external areas. Honed stone should also be correctly sealed to assist against staining.

Concrete Grinding & Polishing

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